The 26" mountain bike is style of bike that got the off-road sport in the 1970s by Gary Fisher. The bike has come a long way since as they are now equipped with front shocks, v - brakes or disc brakes and 21 - 24 - or 27 speeds.  The 26" mountain bike is built to be used off road on light or aggressive trails.  It is equipped with knobby tires and a smaller front chain ring to enable you to easily clear obstacles off road. The 26" mountain bike has given way to the now more popular 29" mountain bike or as it frequently called the 29er. 

The 26" mountain bike is a great starter bike for most teenagers. It is durable and the most popular style of bike for them. It can be used on the bike paths or road but was primarily built for off road use. Since it has 26" wheels and a smaller front chain ring, it was made for ease while riding on trails. It was not made to give you the power to travel faster and travel longer distances as compared to hybrid, fitness, road, or dual sport bikes which all have larger front chain rings and larger wheels. So check out those style of bikes to compare and see what is best for you.  Feel free to stop on by and we will show you and explain the differences of the bicycles.

At The Cycle Mart of Miami, Inc. we carry the full line of Trek and Specialized 26" mountain bikes.  The Trek 26" mountain bikes start at $339.99 while the Specialized start at $399.99. Both are available in men and women frames and assorted colors.   Click on slide show to see some of models or click on the logos to visit the Trek or Specialized websites. Our prices are always lower than the manufacturers advertised prices. Don't forget to check out our  Home page for Sales.

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