For the child over 10 months in age, we carry a full line of quality baby seats, from the economical model to the heavy duty deluxe version.  All our models come with a rear rack that is attached to the bike.  The baby seat is then easily mounted to it in seconds.  The baby seat is also easy to remove for storage or when you want to ride your bike without the baby seat. Most baby seats hold up to 40 pounds while the Topeak Deluxe model carries 48.5 pounds.

We also carry the complete line of Sun child and cargo trailers.  The child trailers are available in single or double tot.  These trailers are easily attached to the rear axle of the bicycle. The single tot trailer holds up to 85 pounds and the double up to 100! There is ample space for storing items along with the child.  The cargo trailer can be used for a variety of purposes from shopping to traveling long distances on overnight rides to camping and hunting.

For the 4-7 years of age, we carry a ' trail a bike' rear attachment that the child may sit in the upright position and pedal along with you for the ride. This is great for long rides with the child is unable to keep up with you.

Don't forget the helmet!

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