The comfort bike is equipped with 26" wide tires, multiple gears (7 - 21 -24 speeds).  When riding on the comfortbike, you are usually sitting at at a 60 degree angle.  This is a little forward than a cruiser bicycle and similar to a hybrid.  The cruiser bicycle has a wider saddle  and you sit more up right, which makes it a bike for leisure rides and short distances. With the comfort bike, since you are leaning forward more, you are more aerodynamic and less resistant to the wind.  This affords you the opportunity to travel longer distances with a smooth ride (wide tires).

Now if you want a faster ride, then check out the hybrid bicycle.  Your riding position is similar to the comfort bike but the hybrid is equipped with 700 c wheels. These wheels are larger in diameter and thinner; so you can travel faster and longer distance.

Compliment your bike by adding a water bottle, a bag or perhaps a rear rack or basket. Check out our Accessories page for more ideas.  Feel free to browse the other pages or the Trek and Specialized websites to compare the models. Stop by and we will be happy to show you the features on the different style of bikes.

At The Cycle Mart of Miami, Inc. we carry the full line of Trek Shift and Specialized Expedition series comfort bikes for both men and women. 

We also carry the Sun Drifter and Trek Pure models.  These bikes are comfort bikes but the cranks/pedals have been moved forward. This allows you to stand flat footed while sitting on the bike.  These models are great for persons who wish to be able to touch the ground flat footed while stopping.  They are also great for persons who have knee issues and want more mobility as the crank is not located directly under the seat. Scroll down to some of the comfort bicycles or click on the logos to visit the Trek or Specialized websites. Our prices are always lower than the manufacturers advertised prices.  

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