Fitness bicycles are built to provide you with a fast ride. It is built for fitness!  Equipped with 700c wheels similar to the road bike, the fitness bike has slightly wider tires and straight handle bars. It is equipped with a large front chain ring thus providing you with power and the speed to go fast and travel long distances. The fitness bike is perfect for 20, 30, 40 miles rides and even longer.  While sitting on the fitness bike, you will notice that the saddle is narrow similar to the road and dual sport bikes.  This is so you can travel long distances. Your legs move freely up and down without the nose of the saddle rubbing into your thighs.  It is imperative that you wear padded bike shorts to get a comfortable ride.  In addition, you should consider investing in bike shoes and clipless pedals. This will enable you to pedal with both legs at one time. Visualize pedaling the bike! You pedal down with the one leg while the other is just sitting on the pedal. If you pedal faster by standing up on the pedals (like in picture above), you will easily see how you pedal with only one leg at a time. Now, if you was clipped into the pedals like the picture above, you will be using both legs at once. This enables you to travel faster, further with less effort.

Now, if you want a more upright position than thefitness bike and not interested in traveling 50 miles, you might want to consider the hybrid bike. The hybrid bikes are equipped with fast 700c wheels, an upright stem, raised handlebars and a wider saddle.  The front chain ring is slightly smaller than the fitness bike but you will still get power and speed when you need it.

Feel free to browse the other pages or the Trek and Specialized websites to compare the models. Stop by and we will be happy to show you the features on the different style of bikes.

At The Cycle Mart of Miami, Inc. we carry the full line of Trek FX men and women bikes; and the Specialized Sirrus for men and Vita for women, all available in a wide range of colors, sizes and prices.   We also have several Gary Fisher bikes (made by Trek) still in stock. These are great bikes at great prices. Click on slideshows to see the bicycles or the logos to visit the Trek or Specialized websites. Our prices are always lower than the manufacturers advertised prices. Don't forget to check out our Bicycle - Closeout Sales page.


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