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shock pumps

Proper tire inflation is necessary for riding your bicycle, just like it is for driving your car or truck. The tire pressure is stamped on the sides of the tire. Many tires give you a range for tire pressure. An example would be for 700 x 42c tires, it might have stamped 50 - 85 psi.  If you are riding strictly on the road or bike path, you would want to have  the air pressure towards the upper end at 80 - 85 psi so your tire is harder for a faster roll.  If you are riding on dirt trails, where tire traction is needed to dig into the dirt, then you would keep your pressure towards the lower end 50 - 55 psi, so you will have better control and a softer ride. The same goes for mountain bikes and other styles.   Road bike tires will usually require over 100 psi and should always be kept at proper inflation. 

It is recommended that you never fill up your tires at the gas station, as the pumps are extremely high in pressure and you will likely over inflate your tires and cause a blowout.   On average 2 to 3 customers a week visit us with blowouts due to over inflating their tires.  Always use a portable home compressor at home or a bicycle floor pump. Most of these floor pumps will easily inflate to 150 psi  will fit both presta and schrader vales and are easy to use.

We carry Lezyne, Sunlite, Specialized and Bontrager floor pumps.  We also have frame mounted pumps and Co2 cartridge systems for emergency road repairs. We also carry shock pumps.  Browse below or stop on by to check out our inventory.